Swimming Pools at Portofino Serenity

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Portofino Serenity Portofino Serenity Portofino Serenity Portofino Serenity Portofino Serenity Portofino Serenity

Condo Rental at Portofino Resort - Pensacola Beach, Florida

From the crystal sands of Pensacola Beach to the azure waters of Florida’s Gulf of Mexico, you’ll be captivated by the ageless treasures of Pensacola’s Portofino Island Resort & Spa. Rich in history, ripe with promise, this is the new Pensacola Beach. Our mystical beaches, swept clean by the tempting waters of the Gulf, have been restored to their pristine natural beauty. It’s no wonder the new Pensacola Beach lures travelers from around the globe to Florida’s Gulf beaches.

Today, with travel prices to distant destinations soaring, the siren call of Portofino, Florida’s premier Gulf Coast beach resort has never been stronger. Few beach resorts in the world can match Florida’s own Portofino Island and Resort & Spa for affordability, easy access, intoxicating beauty, year-round Pensacola Beach breezes and world-class luxury. Only Pensacola’s Portofino Island Resort & Spa offers all this, priced right, done right and close to home.

Portofino Island Resort & Spa offers some of the most extensive beach resort facilities on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The beaches of Pensacola’s Portofino Island Resort & Spa are among the finest beaches in Florida, and indeed, in the world. Ready for a change of scene? The water taxi offers a peaceful bay cruise to Pensacola Beach’s finest dining, shopping and entertainment.

Whether your pleasure runs to Pensacola’s fishing, golf, tennis, swimming, kayaking, sailing, boating, windsurfing, beachcombing, shopping, snorkeling, exploring or just relaxing under the stars, Portofino Island Resort & Spa is heaven. Our spacious two- and three- bedroom Pensacola Beach Sky Homes are elegantly furnished and include a wide range of complimentary resort activities. Other resort adventures are available for a nominal fee.

From Florida’s Gulf of Mexico to the Santa Rosa Bay, the pleasures of Florida’s Portofino Island Resort & Spa at Pensacola are yours to enjoy. This is the new Pensacola Beach you’ve been hearing about – this is Florida’s Portofino Island Resort & spa.